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  • posted a message on Should I put playoffs playmakers on bench?


    Quote from JukeNukem1432 >>

    I've been doing this to raise my ovr as boosts don't matter as much. I have a couple playoff players that have no boosts on my bench, raised my ovr and my team has been playing much better and my A.i has been getting more points in both showdown and lvsl. An ovr advantage should be your main focus. Coach boosts are enough.

     Well, I think it kinda depends. If I put those 89-92 playoff cards on my bench I got a 91 bench rating and my overall raises to 92.
    If I put my players with boosts (+7 OEF, +4 PSA, +2 MSA, +2 TPT, +2DRI, +2 DKR) on my bench it's just a 88 bench rating and my overall is 91.
    Tested both bench setups for some time, and i will definitely stick with my boosted one.
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  • posted a message on Preference for all the new playmakers


    Quote from SarveshMammu >>

    LeBron with those three point stats and general shooting too looks amazing. I was set on a pg too but his card looks better than the rest

    But can anyone who actually got him give some input?
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  • posted a message on Easter master choice?

    Does anyone have any input about Dawkins?

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  • posted a message on MM/Easter decision

    Short version (see poll)


    1. MM R8 Redick + Easter Shaq/Kemp or Dawkins 


    2. MM R8 Carter + Easter Mitchell


    3. keep MM R8 Oladipo + MM R8 Carter + Easter Shaq/Kemp or Dawkins 



    My NBA lineup:


    PG: 92 Simmons

    SG: 89 CJ / R8 Oladipo

    SF: 90 Harvest PG / 90 FF Hayward / 90 Wiggins

    PF: 93 Dirk

    C: 90 Howard


    My classic lineup:

    PG: 92 Flashback Payton

    SG: 89 Flashback Maggette

    SF: 93 Legend Hayward

    PF: 90 Flashback Kirilenko

    C: 91 Marc Gasol





    Start of MM promo i wanted to build JJ Redick and see how far i can get. R8 i got Oladipo (stats looked nice, gameplay is okay, 3pts not that consistent as with my base CJ) and started thinking about keeping him and go for R8 Vince Carter instead of JJ.


    Easter promo came out and ofc i wanted to get my hands on Donovan Mitchell, which meant no more need for MM R8 Redick and hello MM R8 Carter. (SF rotation lol ...PG, Hayward and Wiggins)


    Now ppl say Donovan not plays according to his stats (prolly still a big upgrade for me though) which made me thinking about going back to MM R8 Redick and use my easter elites either on Shaq/Kemp or Dawkins.


    Or i can stick with MM R8 Oladipo, go for MM R8 Carter and either Shaq/Kemp or Dawkins.


    Please vote, feel free to leave a comment. If you'd go for an option with either Shaq/Kemp or Dawkins, who is your pick among those?


    THANKS! ;)





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  • posted a message on There is only 1 problem with 96 Donovan Mitchell...

    Same here, after reading your comments I am not sure about if it's the best move to go for Donovan. Does anyone actually think he plays like expected or according to his stats?


    My problem is... I was planing to go for MM R8 Redick (won't get more MM elites to get R4+ :() then Donovan came out and currently i just dont know what to do. Who would you pick? 

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  • posted a message on Question: Last UL pick and/or roster upgrades

    Thanks for your comment. And you got a good point there. And as i am happy with Klay, Francis is not that important anymore.


    Anyone got some input about Wilkins? And maybe some words about Worthy? Thanks!

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  • posted a message on Question: Last UL pick and/or roster upgrades

    Boost wise i still like Francis the most. Wilkins not seems to be that good. Worthy might be an option, but i feel like my SB needs to be upgraded. Anyone got some input about Francis?


    And about SB upgrades, is upgrading Leattner for Love worth it?

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  • posted a message on Question: Last UL pick and/or roster upgrades

    Oi. Am not quite sure about my last UL pick. I thought about Steve Francis, but Tip-Off reward included Klay...


    Who would be your last UL pick?


    Or should i sell my last UL and upgrade several other positions?


    Without selling I got 1 million coins and was thinking about upgrading TW Wilt with Jokic. 



    Two Way:


    PG: 99 Oscar

    SG: 93 Westbrook (got 97 Oladipo, but rather keep my Triple-Double Backcourt)

    SF: 98 Pierce

    PF: 95 KAT
    C: 92 Wilt



    Small Ball:


    PG: 97 Magic

    SG: 96 Klay

    SF: 94 Durant

    PF: 94 Love
    C: 93 Drummond





    PG: 95 Westbrook

    SG: 96 Curry

    SF: 96 Kawhi

    PF: 92 Aldrige
    C: 97 Shaq



    Big Man:


    PG: 95 Westbrook

    SG: 93 Klay

    SF: 99 Pierce

    PF: 96 Love
    C: 96 Hakeem





    PG: 99 Kidd

    SG: 97 Pierce

    SF: 97 Kawhi

    PF: 99 Dirk
    C: 91 Laimbeer



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  • posted a message on SB PF question

    Current SB Lineup


    PG: 94 Playoffs Wall

    SG: 95 Awards Harden

    SF: 94 Playoffs Durant

    PF: 92 Master Green

    C: 93 LvL Drummond


    Who fits as PF upgrade, 94 Love or 95 Green?






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  • posted a message on Final roster update - UL question - any advice?

    Does someone think going for Kidd is a bad idea? 

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  • posted a message on Sht Center - 92 AS Davis or 91 Summer Courts Hawes

    As you've asked for a solid center gameplay wise it's maybe worth thinking about Bill Laimbeer, I assume he's cheaper also.


    Quote from JohnyDebt >>

    This is the perfect C for shooting lineup. You can be confident he can at the least fight for boards on your misses with:

    81 Hustle,

    93 Offensive Boxout,

    88 Offensive Rebounding IQ, and

    89 Offensive Rebounding Strength.


    And his defensive stats are amazing!

    95 Def Boxout,

    95 Def Reb IQ,

    92 Def Reb Str

    92 HELP DEFENSE (will definitely show up when the guards beat you off the dribble)

    90 On-Ball Effectiveness

    91 Shot Block

    90 Shot Alter

    92 Strength

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  • posted a message on Final roster update - UL question - any advice?

    No idea, for me images are showing up. But I've tried imgur, but somehow there's an error, atm i can't upload.


    I've added a list of names, starters and bench. Thanks for your opinions.



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  • posted a message on Happy Birthday Torch Beak

    Belated all the best!

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  • posted a message on Final roster update - UL question - any advice?

    Am thankful for any advice!


    1. Who should be my next UL pick? - I was thinking about Jason Kidd, who would you pick?


    2. Am prolly able to get another UL, but currently got no idea who's the best update for my roster.


    FYI: Bench players are going into token exchange. But feel free to give some starter suggestions.




    Two Way:


    Starters: 95 TOTW Curry, 93 Awards Westbrook, 96 Awards Thompson, 95 SC Towns, 92 Wilt


    Bench: 91 CH Jimmer


     Thought about replacing Wilt with Jokic, but rather do some other upgrades first.






    Small Ball:


    94 Playoffs Wall, 95 Awards Harden, 94 Playoffs Durant, 92 Master Green, 93 LvL Drummond


    Maybe I'll update Master Green to 94 Love or 95 Green.








    Starters: 95 TDK Westbrook, 91 RS Hood, 96 Awards Leonard, 92 Playoffs Aldrige, 90 RS Okafor


    Bench: 94 King, 93 FF Bo, 92 Master Whiteside






    Big Man:


    Starters: 95 Master Westbrook, 93 Finals Thompson, 92 Awards Leonard, 99 UL Bosh, 96 Olajuwon


    Bench: 92 MM Jimmer, 92 Master Anthony









    Starters: 94 Williams, 99 Iverson, 96 FF Pierce, 96 Awards Durant , 91 Laimbeer


     Unless someone changes my mind about Kidd, my play is to go for...


    99 UL Kidd, 97 Pierce, 97 Awards Leonard, 96 Awards Durant, 91 Laimbeer


    Already updated PF, image shows Butler, but got Durant now.

    Also want to go for Leonard as SF and use Pierce as SG.




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  • posted a message on Roster help - 2 million coins - what would you upgrade first?

    Thanks 4katosh for moving my post and will do.


    And thanks doctorkar and mandcandh for your input, about your suggestions...



    TW SG: Was thinking about Beal already, but wasn't sure if he is exactly what am looking for. Am maybe too used to Jimmer's 3's.

    TW SF: I've had Playoffs George, but decided to sell him, guess Melo is fine for now.

    TW C: Will take a look at both.


    Def SG: Sig Redick sounds like a good idea.


    BM SG: Got Thompson now.


    SHT SF: Anyone else that comes to mind?

    SHT C: Will think about that one.



    More feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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