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  • posted a message on After giving Pierce, EA definitely upped AI
    Quote from john_polenio >>

    My usual LvL score: 18-0 22-2 17-2 




     I doubt u allow 4 points in three quarters in most tourneys. Mainly be EA fucks with the ai more times than not, hence allowing the players to cheat and make bs shots. If u do, U must pick on a lot of lower leveled teams and hang around the three point line. But 4 allowed evey Maybe before ea released boost and clutch players every week.
    In my league I try to attack the higher rated line ups, so my teammates ( who arent that skilled) can have easier quarters. Doing that has helped us win a 8tourney win streak vs some high rated leagues. Streak was snapped few days ago.
    Anyways....the least I put up is usually 17 per quarter. Combination of threes and two. Lot of Twos come off steals and fast break dunks or mids. But I usually allow 4 every quarter. Sometimes 6. Mainly via clutch players that I couldnt block. But it varies. I had times where I couldnt put up 15 points....and allowed 10 points. Like I varies for a number of reasons. 
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  • posted a message on JasonLivess 102 overall franchise (Updated 10/12)
    Quote from psyddd >>

    so would you say Pierce is better than finals KD for the two way lineup? I'm struggling to make my choice (i know overall is not that important, but i was aiming to make my legacy lineup only with 99 rated players... that is if i can get my hands on a 99 defensive C)

     I think it's too early to give perspectives on the three Paul Pierce cards, but I think Durant is still the best at that spot when compared to the rest. Both manual and response. Paul just has the slight edge because of the double clutch.
     For response, I have harvest magic, 96 pippen (defense is SICK), finals Durant , 99 Garnett and 99 Yao. I sub out magic for 99 ball, pippen for 90 korver and sometimes put in Paul for Durant, but mainly so I can get a feel for him.
    I crack the 101 overall for my franchise when I got Paul and pistol for my big man line up, but I won't head into the reset with a 101, cause a lot of the players I want are bulls player, and they don't have high cards.
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  • posted a message on Stewie309's 99 OVR Legacy Franchise

    U bought that ghost Butler card from me off a2 about 3-4 weeks ago. Think I under priced him at 1.5-2mill at the time. Maybe 500k more, not sure. Wish I would've kept him, cause now I can't find another 1. Got his 99 card, but that ain't a Bulls card.

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  • posted a message on New Flash Event is too hard

    Not so easy when it's 0-0 and u hit the first of ten three's u jack up for one


    Learn to play defense ...simple.

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  • posted a message on People who are getting Ultimate Legends by grinding live events: How many tokens do you have?

    Went for every one, except spudd. I only had to grind for the first tw, Mutombo and ???, i did the collectable exchange. They cheap on auction. But the shit takes for every if u don't use a cheat snipe  bot. The last few I've just bought straight up. Since the game is reseting, I've sold a lot of the elites on my bench. Got lotta coins. Currently got 5 mill coins. Plan to sell another starting elite and just buy the last UL that is released this week. Lot of these new 99 cards are cheap on a2, cause so many have been released.

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  • posted a message on 99 curry, 99 irving, or summer courts lonzo ball

    That lonzo card is SHIT in ai. I've never stole the ball so easy from a high dribble card in my life. Doesn't score that good either in ai. Manual is cool, Lonzo can get steals, threes are ok one u find a good spot, but for good manual and ai, I'd go with any of the other two. 

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  • posted a message on Next UL, SG/SF?

    I still use 96 pippen as my two SG. His height and defense keeps those three point shooting mofos in check. So....I hope it's a 99 pippen.

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  • posted a message on Your Top 3 Best Players that you will bring to the Next Season

    Got a few 99s


    But 99 rose, 99 award LeBron,  and finals durant



    Dr J.....just cause what I went thru to get him.

    Kidd, Duncan and Mutombo UL are creeping up my list

    I got a few fav lower cards as well...all korvers and others.....don't feel like typing their name tho

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  • posted a message on which ultimate legend is the best?perhaps jason kidd?

    Get Kidd if u can. Kidd is light years ahead of Lin. Anyone still saying double clutch Lin is the best special feature PG at this point is either a super fan or hasn't tested the other pg's that were released.



    What makes Kidd so special is his quick release. Lin can be blocked easily now ah days, but u need to time Kidd accordingly....release is much fast. The defense boost is a beast as well. I've stolen from players like Jason, Kyrie , curry, Jamal etc much easier than ever before. 2-3 of those have 99 dribble, FYI. Even keeps 99 Wade in check. Which i'mho, is one of the top ai cards.


    I have Kidd, LeBron in the middle and Embiid at center. I have a low curry card at SG and Durant at PF. U got three guys with 90+ defense and great paint scorers, then u got two lower cards with decent defense that can score inside and score even better outside. The shooting line up has NEVER had a great combination of both defense and scoring until now. As for his ai, faced him once, got steals from him, but he wasn't TERRIBLE. He will hit at least one of his clutch shots and make great passes. I think his ai would be much better if u put the right cards around him for your response team. More than one go to guys seems to make him pass more, hence not losing the ball as much. 


    After Kidd, I would say Duncan and Mutombo are next. I have wb, pistol, Leonard, Duncan and Ralph on defense. Sometimes I put in Benard, curry or towns. Most cant seem to score over 15 on my team without allowing at least 7 or 8. A 10 or less point deficit is easy to manage, i'mho.



    Mutombo is the best big man center, i'mho. Mainly if u want your center to play like a center and not a three point shooting guard. Even without the double clutch, I would place him over Kemp. Manual and ai. I put him over that rookie 98 card as well. Forget his name, 



    Didn't get Webb. Don't plan on it either.


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  • posted a message on Grind for Kemp or use collectibles to take Mutombo???

    I grind for Kemp, sold for 20 mill as soon as I got him, then I easily built Mutombo. 


    As far as big man center Mutombo > Kemp

    Even without using the double clutch.


    Go for Mutombo.

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  • posted a message on Legacy Team #Kobe Hyped

    No way I'm doing this for a legacy team. Invested too much into certain elites to play this type of game. BUT, I do make these moves a lot when I troll people in H2H. Got a 2 way line up of rose, Butler, deng, taj (he holds more BULLS  weght over boozer) and Noah.



    You'd be shocked at how much trouble people have vs gold cards. Hope EA fixes that bs before season 2; elites that play like elites and gold that play like gold's. Instead of gold that play like elites and elites that play like 69s.

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  • posted a message on Question and Answer with Marc Price - Postponed

    After this latest NBA mobile y'all should have some idea what season score is about

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  • posted a message on Question and Answer with Marc Price - Postponed
    Quote from unknownonse >>

    Yeah reset topic again. What do u expect on reset? Buy cards and spend thousands of $$$ again, grind for a months or a year again? Well if that happens,... enjoy those who are few of you wants that reset lol

    Excited on reset when u didnt even know how to play the game. What, are u gonna use k3's just to say u outscored ur opponent 15 or 20+? Really? Lol wheres the fun there?

    No reset will happen only update on gameplays ang other glitch.


    Blah blah blah.
    Got anything else u want to vent/cry about in the Appropriate thread?
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  • posted a message on 99 Mutombo and 98 Zach Collins

    Sold Kemp for 12 mill hours after the first center was dropped. Got Zach and Mutombo since.


    I'mma go out on the limb and say this Mutombo card is the best DEFENSIVE center in the entire game. I've been playing since winter and he's the best I've ever played with. Ive blocked so many shots, clutch and all. Grab so many easy boards. I think Ralph would be my second best. On both ai and manual.


    I paid 5mill for Zach when he first dropped. But He's been sitting on my bench a lot.  Thinking about selling him on a2 and  picking up Nate or somebody. The defense from Mutombo along with the SUPER easy paint point (that dribble)...add the two clutch dunks to a players who already dunks with ease. How can I bench him?


    My h2h go to team has been my big man line up. I have Mutombo, Connie or Malone at PF, I flip between Greek freak, Finley and Brian scal at SF. '10 Wade, 93 Klay and 88 jr smith at SG (also have federette, but rarely use him) and all-star LeBron or brogdon at PG.


    I try to keep two below 90 go to guys on all teams. Seems to make everything flow better.

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