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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    Guess i kinda predicted the future with the H2H post lol

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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    3V3 or 1v1 mode;

    Making an event featuring 3v3 or 1v1 mode sounds like something that could make the game more fun in S3.

    Adding this stuff in H2H could also be fun, considering there maybe could be a different ladder and rankinga for each of these.

    Playing a 1v1 against a legend card sounds like an event that could be featured in the Legends promo next year.


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  • posted a message on 10 Things I want in s3

    I actually like this very much! 

    Keep it coming, some really nice ideas :D

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  • posted a message on Maintenance Started

    The seasons gameplay and H2H actually went much smoother for me when I played it like 10 mins ago. Maybe it's just coincidence tho lol xD

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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    St. Patricks day promo in Season 3 idea;

    Mainly based around Boston Celtics players;

    You collect clovers that you then turn into gold player and after that into elite players

    Plats for the NBA Lineup: Kevin Garnett (defensive) and Paul Pierce (shooting)

    Plats for the classic Lineup: Bill Russell and Larry Bird

    Elites: Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward

    Golds: Marcus Smart, Sami Ojeleye, Greg Monroe, Terry Rozier, Shane Larkin, Daniel Theis, Aron Baynes, Guerschon Yabusele...

    Elite coach: Brad Stevens for the NBA lineup / Red Auerbach for the Classic Lineup

    Gold coaches: Doc Rivers, Tom Heinsohn

    You get clovers by re-playing random moments from the Celtics history, shooting from particular spots and clutching.

    You have a four-leaf clover which serves as a wildcard that you can receive after giving in 5 elite player.

    This is a rough idea that just came up to my mind, and as St. Pats day isn't such a big promo in NBALM, I figured it would be nice for it to be made around one team that resembles the holiday the most.

    Many more players and event ideas can be added, this is just a "sketch", taking some stuff from the last years version of the game.

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  • posted a message on One Good Thing About The March Madness Promo
    Quote from Glock_44s >>

    Seems pretty grindable so far, gotten 4 gold players and have not spammed anything yet

     I've gotten 7 from "mild" grinding :D
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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    Minor "bugs" and things I think need to be fixed:

    Let us delete letters from the auction store search and sell bars... It's been two seasons lol...

    Would like to have a button to automatically turn off H2H invites for us that don't play it at all

    Make AH available at a lower level/f2p players can't get to lvl 11 that fast (or make leveling a lil bit faster)

    Fix the bugged cash ad button (it's there 99% of the times but sometimes does nothing when I click it)

    When playing the classic lineups in event, when you have the objective to get to the random amount of points, there's a random O in front of the sentence (OFirst to 11 points)

    Removing the league elite objective would be nice (at least when s3 starts) and replacing it with something low level players can do easily

    Implement more achievements (promo achievements) - will talk more about this in another post

    Change the score bar in the gameplay, make it a little bit smaller or just renew it a little (it sometimes block my view when passing from the left side to the right corner)

    Guard button is bugged sometimes (idk if that's just my phone), but it doesn't work until i'm pressing it for like a solid minute

    Crashes are pretty common, it crashed only a couple of times for me, but take your time this summer, and make an error-bug-less game

    Change the store bars - "players" bar doesn't need to be this stacked with packs, make it like it is in Asia rn - (there's separate "players" and "play style" tabs - the stupid cash and 50k position packs don't exist on Asia)

    If you're money-grabbing, make more NBA cash offers than IRL money offers I will probably buy a Google play card and spend it all on NBALM cash but would not buy the IRL money offers, I don't have a credit card on my phone 

    More will be added :)

    Comments and opinions are welcome

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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    Hey there, it's me again! And today, I will be talking some more about Mobile Madness in NBALM. I said I will make a post about this in the morning central European time, but I was not able to write it then because the bus I was in had pretty bad WiFi. Anyways, MM is here and it's mostly looking like the same thing we had last year, but will a little bit more of money-grabbing. The idea of adding Pennants which are upgradeable adds much to the grind, and it's a thing that's different than last years straight up brackets, but tbh I just feel like this is something EA made into another "turn-off" when it comes to F2P. 

    There are coin packs which give you only 5 brackets for 20k, and you need 10 brackets for a gold player, which is not ideal, but I feel like it is a step in the right way, since there's a long path to S3, there's much time for improvement.

    The design of the promo is something i'm a 50-50% fan of. Many of you that thread my threads before this one know that I was complaining about the card design this season, but when it comes to MM promos' cards, they look pretty cool. I'm not a big fan of it, but i'm not complaining.

    When it comes to the design of brackets and pennants I feel like it needs improvement, but the design is something that has much room for repair, but isn't a main problem.

    I saw that the March Rivals are 1.35 dollars. Now, I think that the real money instead of cash is something that needs to change immediately.

    Now, the Asian server has those packs up for 100 cash, which is something you get fairly easily, while on the other hand, most people don't use credit cards on their phones, most are underage or just don't have one. Something even as low as 1.35 is something that some can't buy because of that problem. This is so far the only thing that has really caught my eye. There's a lot of bad stuff with this promo, but the game itself isn't that good anymore, so the content lack in originality must follow.

    People who work on the Asian server need to get the global guys some advice, because as far as I see, Asian NBALM is popping off (it's kinda bad too, but when it's compared to the global LM it wins by a mile.)

    I will try to make up some event, cards, sets and a complete promo for MM in the following days.

    Stay tuned for that.

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  • posted a message on Big update at 03/16 ?

    Tbh I would rather play the same exact game we had last year than this... :/

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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    Breaking down the Mobile Madness promo tomorrow morning CET. :)

    Stay tuned and post comments and thoughts :D

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  • posted a message on Big update at 03/16 ?
    Quote from TorchBeak >>

    We will see. 

    This game might surprise us, who knows..



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  • posted a message on All Star logo fixed

    I made a thread on the EA Help servers on this topic while I played the All Star promo, they fixed it when the AS promo came out in Asia. :)

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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    Hello there! It's me again, and today I will talk about the auction house. This will be a pretty simple and straight forward, short post.

    I'm going through an intense traning routine right now, to get my leg, which had an operation on it last year, back to it's original shape and form, so I probably won't be posting here until the end of the week because I need to go outta town to a different town where there's equipment that's needed for the drills and exercises I need to do, so long 3 days for me, but I will hopefully come back stronger and with more ideas than ever before lol :D

    As I said, auction house. The 30% auction fee was a joke, and it was "significantly" lowered into 20%, which is, yeah, a good thing, but even 20% is an auction fee that is too much. Now, this is not really my idea, it was posted by another user in one of my threads, but his suggestion was to lower down the auction fee by the level. So:

    Level 0-20: 20% auction fee

    Level 21-40: 15% auction fee

    Level 41-50: 10% auction fee

    Now I look at this as a very good suggestion, because as you play the game you get rewarded. if you really grind the game and you're on it every day (which brings EA a bigger profit) you level up faster and you get the auction fee lowered faster. The idea I had was just lowering down the auction fee to 15% straight away in season 3, but I can see that I can cause many more problems than having it this way. 

    This was suggested by @G2theMONEY so a special thanks to him for that!
    Please leave your comments down below as I want to see what your opinion is.


    Thanks for reading, and as always


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  • posted a message on NBALive Negativity and the Future of the Game
    Quote from richardunit52 >>
    Quote from 4katosh >>

    EA is aware of the thread.

      They haven't read it, though....
     Come on now. We're doing as much as we can, including Josh, it's 100% something they will read.
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  • posted a message on My suggestions MEGA-thread

    When it comes to packs; probably one of the things that went down the hill the fastest and farthest, as I said in my previous post where I talk about coins, the coins packs need to make a comeback, but here is my thoughts on the packs we currently have:


    Part I (The "Players" bar)


    75-79 Position Packs - Never seen a dumber idea for a pack in my life. You pay 50k coins, which is fairly hard to make, especially with the lack of events or 25k Rep which is, especially for us non-H2H-players, really hard to make to get a 75+ position gold, another gold and two silvers and a bronze. It doesn't even say if there's a chance for an elite with that other gold, but I will never try my luck with this absolute joke of a pack. People who bought this are either new to the game or just wanted to screw around... This needs to be removed. My grade: an ABSOLUTE 0/10


    Training packs - Another money-grabbing scheme with no real point in it other than making more stale, unoriginal packs to make more money. And I don't even know if somebody buys these. You need to pay 100 dollars for a 350k TP pack? Seriously?! The Asian server just recently got a "mini-promo" where you get 30k TP for just finishing daily objectives, so I can go to their server now and do those objectives in like 10 minutes and brag how I just earned 14 dollars lol. Another trashcan of a pack. My grade 1/10 just for the fact that it made me laugh so much I went red in the face when I saw it.


    80+ Position packs - Would actually be a good addition to the game if their price was in coins or Rep and not in cash. Paying 14 dollars for an elite that's probably going to be around 80-83 and can be bought in the AH for 200k at most is another thing that makes me wonder each day if Kevin Hart actually got a developer job in their company because that sh*t hella funny. I would make them the 50k packs instead of those gold position ones. My grade 3/10, seems promising, if they know how to use it.


    Style Packs - Was never a fan of these, but they're coin packs and I like those and you have a chance at getting an elite for just 30k. I opened them maybe a couple of times, got an elite once and made instant profit. These are fine. My grade 6/10. If you need a player for a particular lineup (to have the green line with the coach) go with this pack. Helpful.

    Triple Double pack - I actually like these. The price is maybe too high but I pulled many elites from these that made me countless coins of profit. These are really nice when you have a ton of coins and are bored with the game. Seems like the chance of pulling an elite is higher than in the other packs. My grade 7/10. Without them would've probably left the game earlier than I did.


    Pro packs - The "luck-starting" packs. I opened one of these each time before opening an elite from a set for good luck. They're here since the start of the game, were in first bundles and overall have a nice chance of an elite. My best pull from this was a 95 Olajuwon if I remember correctly. My grade 8/10. 


    Beginner packs - These packs literally serve as a nothing lol. I don't know why they're even in the game considering you can't buy them with cash and give EA your money. Not helpful on either side. Never opened them and never will. Just get a silver player playing seasons and keep 3.5k in the bank. Not even worth that. My grade ?/10, because why?...


    The packs I think should be there next year (in the "players" bar):

    Triple Double Pack, Pro Pack, Style Packs, Premium Packs (3 golds or better, 3 silvers or better), Slam Dunk Packs (4 gold or elite, CHANCE at 2 additional gold or elite players), Baller pack (buy-able with cash only), the 80+ position packs (with cash or coins), Hoops Pack (5 players, 1 gold or better), Swish Pack (6 players, 4 gold or better), Rookie Pack (2 silver or better players)

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