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  • posted a message on ClutchCamp is recruiting!

    We have a few open spots again! We are now ranked around 300 and climbing. 

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  • posted a message on Is your manual switch dumb some days?

    Yeah the switching does seem off. Not all the time but usually when there is more than 1 player close to the player with the ball. It wpuld make all the sense in the world for it to switch to the player you think it is going to but for whatever reason it switches to the other person. I have also had issues with sprinting. If i let off and hit it a second time it works usually. 

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  • posted a message on Dream Showdown seems almost worthless to me

    I will have 98 kyrie in 3 days with no money spent. I have sniped a few elites but doubt i have spent more than 500k. If you had a good amount of rep saved up and hit the packs you can get a 98 by the end. 

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  • posted a message on Google login failed

    It started yesterday. I try to get on but it takes me to the login screen. I select existing user and a prompt comes up that says google play login failed. It seems to last for an hour or two each time. I have noticed it 3 times so far. Last night around 10pm, this morning around 8am and now. I live in Illinois so thats all central time. I have tried everything i can think of to get back on during these times with no success.

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  • posted a message on Am I wrong in not wanting to play showdown?

    I played a ton the first few weeks. When it was just a week long i hit top 1000 every week but 1. That week i was in top 500. Im burned out on it so i just shoot for legend now. I try to get around 200k fans a day but dont stress if i dont. I havent been very interested in the players lately but if one comes that i do want i will shoot for top 500. There are definately rewards for playing showdown but i understand that the costs of playing outweigh them sometimes.  

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  • posted a message on 0% shot missed ? It sayed rare miss hh


    Quote from axilbb >>

    dude i did miss clutch with my lebron james 100% and miss clean position with that clutch i was in shock

     Its very rare but clutch shots will miss.
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  • posted a message on 97 Dirk level up!!! 575,000 coins!!!

    I have maxed a few platinum players. Be preparded to spend at least 8 million coins. If you dont have deep pockets dont bother. It is more logical to just keep the card untrained and upgrade when a better card comes out. I dont spend cash on the game either and i dont spend all day in the ah so it is possible without doing either of those. 

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  • posted a message on 95 hornacek or new 97 ivernson

    I have the same question. I have been contemplating training Hornacek but Iverson looks pretty beastly.

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  • posted a message on Am I the only one that likes the showdown changes?

    I hated it when it was first introduced. I can accept it though. I was spending to much time playing anyways. I barely played yesterday, maybe 4 matches, and I am just outside of 1000 now. No money spent. I dont plan on spending any either. It has to suck for the people going after top 100 though.

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  • posted a message on Classic PG: Magic Johnson (96) vs. Gary Payton (97)

    I have Magic at lvl 5. I plan on maxing him this week. He is op. Inside and outside shooting is great. If you get him sprinting he will run through the opps defense. Most importantly I can shut down Simmons pretty easily. Payton is a great pg but Magic's height sets him apart. 

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  • posted a message on Sneakerheads what are your fav kicks?

    Jordans are classic. 1s, 5s, 6s and 11s are my favorites. I have been wearing Boosts, Alpha Bounces and Kyries lately. I gave up on air maxes. I used to keep a few pairs in rotation at a time, but Adidas has really stepped it up. 

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  • posted a message on Showdown Tip-Off

    I have lost more than i did before but not like what you are experiencing. When i do lose them i honestly feel like there was no error on my part. It could be that EA is making more things "fair" and completely missed the mark again.

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  • posted a message on help me to choose the best NBA pf

    I have Duncan, Gasol and AD. Duncan is in my opinion the best traditional pf. He gets to the basket easy, gets rebounds, and blocks a lot. I do think Gasol is a better all around player. He is a threat in the paint like Duncan and you can count on him outside. I hit 1 or 2 threes a quarter with him. Definately a big help. I was not very impressed with AD.

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  • posted a message on Classic events... (and lack there of...)

    I just got him last night. I had a 5 hour wait for the last event. It was a very long 5 hours. It was worth it though. He is great.

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  • posted a message on Does anyone dream they are playing the game

    Haha i had a dream about a year ago that i pulled a kd card that didnt even exist. A few days later i forgot i dreamed that card and was trying to find it in the ah. Its embarrassing but it took me a few hours to realize what was going on.

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